UPDATE: Feb. 22/17 I had not heard much for some time, and hopefully sent an email to Matt's mother seeking an update. She tells me Matt and his father Mark are still working on the truck, having recently obtained some tires. Photos will follow soon.

 "The Little Truck Full of Miracles"

This site is dedicated to Matt, and his amazingly supportive parents, Sue, and Mark Delia, who have managed to grow a wonderful young man, who just happens to love old trucks. I hear it runs in the family on both sides. Sue's father drove truck, and Matt's dad works on, and drives some too.  

One in particular caught Matt's fancy. It is a 1960 International R-200 dump truck pictured here. Matt may never get to drive it, but he can certainly help work to restore it, and go for a ride!


You can see more of Matts truck pictures here.

I was first introduced to Matt, and his truck, early in 2011. Along with the fact that he is Mentally Challenged and struggles with a variety of physical and medical problems as well, he is just simply nuts over this old truck! Sounds like many of us IH owners. I found out about Matt through a letter that John Hansen posted in the OLDIHC.ORG web site. This is a site for us folks who can't help liking and playing with old International Trucks. Next thing I know, John's wife, Susan has designed a poster of Matt's Truck, titled, Moving Mountains, and they are giving Matt's family a dollar from each unit sold thru their Vintage Truck Poster site, to assist in purchasing, and eventually moving the truck home. Well, call me old, soft hearted, and impatient! That was a completely decent move on the Hansen's part. Well Done! I spoke to John about it, and as a result of our conversation, and some co-operation from then site owner, Jim Hadfield, a donations link was created on OLD IHC, to a small site about what you were donating to. More of John and Susan's doings. I must admit that I am not usually an emotional man, but something about Matt, and his folks got under my saddle! I bought a poster,( I got #3!) and donated what I could at the time. I was able to communicate with Matt's mom, and kept current with progress. The donations were coming, and they paid for the truck. Then one fellow donated a big single donation, enabling the truck to be moved home, and work on the restoration to begin. Further donations of manuals were recieved from Binder Books.Com with help from Navistar, thru their International trucks Division.

As the weather got hot, Matt was unable to take the exposure to the sun, so his time with the truck was cut back seriously. It was a danger to his health. Sue, Matt's mother, mentioned her concern about this to me in one of our communications, and I thought, here is a good chance to do just one tiny bit more. "Matthew can't be outside in high heat, he melts faster than a snowman. lol!", says Sue. With Sue's permission, and a big hope, I contacted Shelter Logic portable shelter makers. I have been using their products for near 8 years, and can say I have been completely satisfied. Stood to reason, they might want to show community mindedness as well. It took some serious effort on the part of one of their employees, as these shelters are not free, but the outcome was that Matt's truck got a great shelter donated. Some Corporations do have a big heart! The shelter is big enough to actually cover the truck and leave some space to work as well.


Sue has expressed how great a difference the truck, all the positive energy, and good will has made, not just for Matt, but for the whole family. Matt seems to be more alive, and doing much better health wise. 

I would ask as many of the folks who take the time to read through this to at least visit Matt's Truck site, and have a look. Donate if you feel you can help, but at least get a warm feeling because good hearted folks are still getting the job done in the real world. There is much more to see on the donations web page.

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Matt with Mark                                    Sue with Mr. Titan.